10 Reasons Why I Thrive

By Lillie Oliver

The following is a list of ten reasons why I choose to thrive with Thrive Market. As a discount membership store Thrive Market offers a healthy and affordable way to thrive. As I've been addressing multiple health issues, eating healthier has become a life choice for me. The transition was quite a challenge until now. Thrive Market has made it much easier and far more affordable to make the change, than I had ever expected a store could. I love the company, and I love the way healthier eating habits make me feel. Thrive Market is not only helping to save me money, but quite frankly, also helping to save my life.

If you or a loved one are focused on maintaining healthy ways to live, you will most definitely find great value in Thrive Market too.

Ten Reasons Why I Thrive

1. Easy Online Ordering
Thrive Market makes it easier for non drivers, home bound, and busy people to shop for top quality healthy products at discount prices. It's easy to drop excuses when holding a discount price membership to a healthy product store you can access from your smart phone.

2. Word of Mouth Compensation
While your local grocery stores do offer sales on product in order to occasionally lower prices, they do not offer compensation to customers for word of mouth advertisements. Not even local discount membership stores like Sam's or Costco do that. I think giving back to your customers as they participate in helping the company thrive is a the most humanitarian way to do and be in business.

3. Quality Packaging and Delivery
A timely delivery goes a long way when it comes to online ordering and Thrive market is on the ball. Professional packaging is more than evident when you open your delivered box. You don't question the care that had to take place in making sure you received what you ordered in good condition ASAP.

4. Healthy Non GMO, Non Gluten, Raw, and Organic VALUES
There are a variety of reasons why we look for health values in our foods. From avoiding scary genetically modified organisms (GMO's), to addressing a peanut allergy restriction, or diabetic sugar concern. No matter what health issues you are addressing about what's in your food, Thrive Market takes these values into serious consideration. They've made it easier to find the kinds of foods you can trust your health to.

say no to gmo's

5. Great Product Gifts
There are a lot of ways to say thank you, but I love the way Thrive Market says it best. Yet another humanitarian way to do business is to say thank you with a gift. With Thrive Market you are not required to shop every month or to purchase a certain amount in order to stay a member, instead when you purchase a certain amount, they thank you with a free gift. This is such a fun way to try something new, and feel much appreciated

6. Awesome Organized Product Search
Whether starting a new diet or looking for new ideas an ongoing diet, Thrive Markets detailed product categories are a gem. You can search exclusively for vegan foods, Paleo diet foods, raw foods, and just about any health category focus. This is very beneficial when looking for what's available within a food group.

7. In Your Pocket Anytime Shopping App
My favorite part about having an in my pocket smart phone app, is tat no matter where I am, I can look up and add a product to my TM shopping cart. No worries or time to forget checking a product you found interesting in the course of your day because by the time you got home or to a computer, you've forgotten the name of a product or that you even had an interest in it at all. It is also great for checking price differences when local store shopping.

8. Membership Discount Savings
One of the most common concerns for people who want to start eating healthier is cost. Many people don't even try to start eating healthier because they are convinced that healthy foods cost too much. This is why an online discount membership market for healthy products is a great place to thrive. The discount savings are great plus you don't even have to spend a dime to drive and shop there.

9. Product Information at your Finger Tips
Every FDA approved product has nutritional facts and ingredients on their labels. However TM gives you a little more insight about products as well as personal reviews. Plus the list of "values" your food products choices are subject to. You get to be well informed on every product interest and purchase.

10. You Join You Give
Thrive Market lives up to their name in striving for making healthy living available to people from all walks of life. They have a real compassion for low income families to be a part of the healthy way to thrive too. The discount savings go beyond great savings and dives into making healthy food accessible to as many people as possible. When you become a member in order to support a healthy life, you help Thrive Market in helping a family in need do the same. In dong so, Thrive Markets makes it feel good to feel good in more ways than one

Come in and enjoy finding your why's to thrive with healthy living too.

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