A Bit About Hands On Healing

- by Lillie Oliver

The ability to channel energy has always had a major impact on the world. From the days when we first discovered fire to Benjamin Franklin's days of learning how to harness electricity, significant changes have been in effect. We have not only learned to control and utilize energy outside of ourselves, but we have also learned to channel the energy from within our being. We use our inner energy to shape our lives in as much as we use energy outside ourselves.


As people practice Yoga there is focus on channeling inner energy through the body. Another way to channel inner energy is to pass it through oneself and onto another to create a healing effect. This can be done through a hands on healing technique called Reiki. The practice of Reiki and the results that come from it, has the medical professionals taking it very seriously as a form of holistic healing. This is done to the point of where Reiki is being practiced in various hospitals throughout the US.


Dr. Mikao Usui founder of the Usui System of Reiki is said to have been asked by a student of the method and understanding of how Jesus was able to heal. It was his not having an answer the question that led a quest where Dr. Usui eventually found his own healing ability. Reiki was founded through his dedication of time, meditation, fasting and an encounter with white light. As the end story of his journey tells us it was an encounter with white light that gifted Dr. Usui with healing ability.  

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One very important application that was added to Dr. Usuis original practice of hand on healing was a method for better living. He noticed some of the people he healed would return to him with reoccurrences of the same ailments. He concluded this to be due to the problem of some he healed not changing how they lived. Therefore along with his method of Hands-On Healing techniques he instilled the following philosophy for daily living.  


In search for a truth and by way of reflecting truthful living, the Reiki method of channeling energy is also another successful way to live and change the world for the better.


Throughout time the teaching of Reiki has traveled through many minds of different cultures and ways of living. Before one takes in the practice of Reiki as a patience or practitioner, it is wise to research the history and understanding of where and how it came about. Doing so may make all the difference in lasting and wholesome effects.

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