Training Your Mind to Increase Mental Power

By Lorelei F

When you talk about how to increase mental power, you can get a vision of your mind, working fast and furious, at warp speed- solving issues and problems left and right.

This seems to make sense, right?

Except that as we enter this new age of enlightenment we begin to see that the mind has a 'mind of its own.' And getting caught up in the obsessive swirl of the mind following its agenda has become what Ekhart Tolle calls society's 'disease' of compulsive thinking. And in actuality what we need to do is quiet the mind, and slow it down so that it can perform its duties when necessary with more power.

How many of you, for instance, have gone through a time of tribulation in your life and have felt the stifling sensation of not being able to escape thinking about the problem. You try a hot bath- still the thoughts continue. You put the TV on- the thoughts sit in the background. You take a jog- your mind continues to churn. You try to sleep- but cannot. Finally desperate, you may seek peace through a sleeping pill- only to wake up still tired and with the same thoughts present. The mind in this sense could be seen as some out-of-control computer. You keep hitting the off button, but it won't turn off. And it doesn't solve the problem you want it to. It just churns away at the problem it wants to focus on- with very little success.

At times like this, it seems the mind is your bitter enemy. Not only does it work compulsive, whether you want it to or not. But the messages it sends to you- such as "You're a failure" "What's wrong with you?" "Can't you do anything right"- are disheartening at best.

So the task when you increase mental power becomes one of literally training the mind. We need to train the mind about when to turn on and when to turn off. And we need to train the mind to focus on our subject, not its own.

Lorelei F is a Writer, Speaker, and Activist who works for enlightenment and has coined the term Second Hand Addict. Visit her blogs at and


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