How to Stop Negative Thinking Even If You Don't Believe It's Possible

By Katherine Caren

Learning to stop negative thinking is not easy to do. After all, many of us believe all of the negative thoughts that come into our mind, and can't see a way that we'll ever change the way we look at the world. However, there are ways to change, and this article will let you know the basics of how this is possible.

Why Do I Think Negatively?

Asking yourself about why you have these thoughts is the first step - usually it comes from something deep in ourselves, and we've somehow trained ourselves that our negative thoughts are really true. If you want to stop negative thinking then you don't need to feel guilty about this, but recognising this is the first step.

Types of Negative Thinking

If you have negative thoughts then they probably come into one of these categories. Knowing the different types is a great way of helping you to recognise when you're doing it.

Filtering: This means that you filter out the positive aspects of a situation and only remember the negative points.

Polarizing: This means everything seems either black or white to you, good or bad, and there is no middle ground.

Personalizing: This means you blame yourself for things that really aren't true and aren't in your control.

Catastrophizing: This means you always expect the worst case scenario in any life situations, leading you to even avoid certain events.

Recognizing the Negativity Around You

The main reason why it's so difficult to stop negative thinking is that it's all around you. Chances are that other people, as well as the media, have started to create these thoughts within you, which you have then seen as normal. It's become like a habit, but recognizing the signs puts you on the first step to becoming more positive. So if you really don't think that change is possible - think again! As you can see, there is a logical flow behind your thoughts, and it just takes some work to break that flow.

I'm a writer who has struggled with negative thinking for much of my life. However, I recently made the choice to become happy and am sharing my experiences on how to think positive and using positive self talk.

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