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Discovering Your Life Purpose
Copyright 2009 Patsy Gagnon

HEALTH AND WELLNESS Discovering your Life Purpose You Were Born To Live

Never before has there been a time when healing and personal growth has been in the forefront of Consciousness in the Human race.

The state of the world and the changing climates has brought consciousness to an all time high! People around the planet are asking the questions of their mortality.

The Baby Boomers are almost at retirement age and are asking the questions of Who they are, how they can heal Body, Mind and Soul. Coming from a life or a school of hard knocks I have had to learn how to survive, why to survive, and what in the Bleep %^&@* I am on this planet earth for anyway!

Fortunately I did not have to be a baby boomer to start asking these questions. I have spent a life time asking these thought provoking questions. Sometimes, standing on a cliff screaming on the top of my lungs to the universe. It was not until I was over 40 that I was finally heard. I had lost my first child of 13 years to suicide that I screamed so loud inside my head for meaning and purpose for staying here.

I would like to back up a bit. My life of Trauma consisted of everything you could imagine and I am not ready to write a book of the details. Only that I was on the brink of jumping off the cliff into the abyss if someone or something did not hear me and give me some answers pronto. It was at that point that I began to find answers and miracles began to happen. I say that because doors opened, books fell into my hands, people I would never have met all came into my life. I began to channel spirit entities, angels and receive books that expanded my consciousness to work with energy, and was shown many ways to heal myself and my inner wounds.

I was on an upward climb when I was knocked down with a sledge hammer when I found my 13 year old son that fateful April day in 95'. My journey started all over again right from the beginning it seemed. I had to find the strength to climb up out of the hole again. I repeated the whole process of healing and had to search even deeper within. My communication with my guides stopped. They refused to come through me anymore until I practiced what they taught me instead of making a parlor game out of them. I fell apart once more. Eventually, when I felt I was on even ground again my guides began communicating verbally through me once again. My life seemed to gain some momentum. What I needed was always provided when I asked.

Then 5 years later I got another panic and grief stricken phone call. My second son who was 18 was found missing ( he just moved 2000 miles away from me). I had just dropped him off at the airport from a short visit he had with me. 24 hours later he was found cold, he took his own life also. Again, my life took a huge plunge into despair.

Only this time, with the tools and spiritual help from my angels and guides I was shown meaning and a greater understanding about our world, our purpose and why we are here and what it is all about. Through all this my children have found a way to communicate through me and they drop in to say hi or to wish me a happy birthday or to just say they love me.

Healing is a life time process. I now know why I am here and what my purpose is. Through my experiences and all my traumas I am a true healer because I have been there and bought the shirt and own the tools for healing.

Last week, my third son who is 21 and my baby was in a car accident and lost all four fingers on his left hand. We are both very strong and together we know we are survivors and I can teach him what I know because I have been there and have been shown the way home.

The various forms of healing come in many different ways. These are just a few that I have personally used to heal myself. Hypnosis, Self Awareness, Healthy Diet, Reiki (healing with energy) meditation, yoga, inner child work, channeling, meditation, mind control, exercise only to mention a few. Each one may focus on one aspect of self but inevitability heals the body as a whole.

I know I am not finished my journey. I have been told it has just begun. But I will smile more and be a beacon for others. So, I will just accept and go with that!

About the Author
Patsy Gagnon is an inspirational writer, A wellness practitioner, a Registered Certified Counseling Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, a channeler, and a healer. Connect with Patsy at


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