Seven Cures For Darkened Times

By Lillie Oliver

Manifestation is the materialization of thoughts and dreams into reality. As a very common way of functioning people have been performing manifestations without much thought to the process of how it all happens. However, over the past few years people have become more consciously aware of how to intentionally manifest things in order to make positive changes in their lives. Practicing methods of using thoughts and feelings along with taking action have been the general keys to materializing desired lifestyles. Yet even with the insight of some of the greatest teachers on the laws of attraction, some people still become frustrated in failed attempts.

A book titled "The Hell I Can't" by Terry McBride is an excellent real life example of some of the obstacles one may face as they take that journey to intentionally manifesting freedoms. After years of applying acquired spiritual knowledge and different techniques on how intentailly manifest his desire to heal, Mr. McBride finally discovered how a barrier could exist in ones belief system and neutralize applied efforts. Belief systems are often embedded into the subconscious they can seem near impossible to change even if you're aware they are getting in your way. So even when this type of block is found, it may still take time to overcome it.

This is just one amongst many types of barrier so it's understandable that there could be many reasons why people don't succeed right away in attempts to manifestation intentionally. However this should not discourage one from continuing on in the journey. The reward of finally being able to manifest with ease is well worth the time it may take to find and conquer barriers.

There are a variety of techniques suggested to practice in order to over come the barriers you might be facing. All of which point to the same conclusion, that to create a life style using thoughts , feelings and actions it is wise to note these are the basic tools to help you manifest, but not the only means to an end.

Being aware that there may be barriers to face in learning how to intentionally manifest should fuel the ability to hang in there. However for those who might still be inclined to give up in darkened moments of frustration, here are what I call the seven cures for darkened times. "Darkened Times" can be anything from hidden barriers to fighting your own personally generated sour mood for the day. With or without barriers, the following are seven cures to apply as methods of healing ill thoughts and feelings. These cures will help endurance and may aid in finding barriers that may be blocking you.

Getting Your Focus To Stick

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1. Meditation on a daily basis is extremely important when dealing with flows of energy. Environments are composed of both negative and positive energies. You will not always be able to predict, know or choose the type of atmospheric energy you'll be dwelling in. Surrounding energies can and often will have some measure of influence on your own inner energy. Meditation strengthens inner energy. It is a quieting down the five senses and a tuning into a higher sense of cleansing energies. It is much like a daily shower for the spirit to start refreshed. So if you find yourself in a funk, you can look forward to meditation as a chance to renew the spirit.

2. Visualization is the process of picturing desired outcomes in your mind. You should live in your imagined dream as you detail it on how you want it to be. This type of concentration and focus work like a fueling system that is specifically designed for the purpose of manifesting. The book "The Master Key System" by Charles Hannel describes concentration as being likened to the process of acting. He explains that by picturing in your mind what you want as well as feeling the part of having it, you are practicing effective concentration. The objective is to live in the moment of the visualization and feel your role in it as real as possible. Visualizing as often as you can will produce good feelings even if for just the moment as well as keep the law of attraction working for you in a continual manner.

3. Gratitude is like prime grade fuel for energizing good feelings. It has a give and take effect in making others feel good too. You can express it as often as possible or just think about the things you are grateful for. Gratitude is one of those contagious emotions that when shared with others it creates a spiral effect of positive feelings. In a nutshell, it feels good to feel good. It feels even better to feel good about making another feel good for making you feel good.

4. Affirmations can be very potent if done right. Verbalizing words that reflect the desired goals you want to create is a great tool. More than simply saying words, you have to apply affirmations with a coinciding feeling to matches the words. Often affirmations have been misused or misunderstood. Many people have expressed how affirmations make them feel like they are just lying to themselves. This is why generating a good feeling to match the statement is important. Otherwise you are just wasting time in neutralizing the desired goal. Putting feelings into the words is necessary in order to create the desired positive energy flow. The focus is on generating the energy flow that will determine what type of energy you'll be attracting. Like in visualizing you want to concentrate to make it feel as real as possible, not because it is, but because it is how you want it to become. Enjoy the good feelings as you live in the moment.

5. Exercise is undeniably a powerful tool for strengthening not only your physical body, but it works on your mental state as well. As your brain is a part of your physical body, a workout while visualizing and/or using affirmations can produce very potent energy flows. Combining the use of manifesting techniques while in a energy generating process like physical exercise causes a duel fueling.

6. Serving others is much like gratitude. It feels good to help others and in doing so you help yourself as well. Doing good for others also causes that upward spiral reaction of good feelings. When this type of energy flow takes place it is not only just between you and one other person. A chain reaction often occurs causing good deeds to effects the giver, the receiver and those who observe the deed as well.

7. Faith like meditation is extremely important. As one succeeds in practicing acts of faith trust is place in the Omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Faith is recognition of the higher power and an acknowledgement of this presence with intention to do works with an unchanging definiteness. If you can construe the possibility of the all knowing, all present, and all wise energy spirit working with the energies you produce daily, you can also understand why it is crucial to practice acts of faith.

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