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Reiki Power- What Is Reiki?
by Jim Cassa

What is Reiki?

I have decided to start blogging about Reiki but what exactly is Reiki? The simple answer is it is energy. Every human has some form of divine energy already in themselves. Energy has various names. It is called chi, prana, and the God force.

The person who performs the reiki has this activated within themselves by what is called a Reiki attunement. They are then able to use this energy in concentrated form. It can be applied in two ways. Laying on hands method and over a long distance it can be sent.

I will never forget the first time I received a long distance Reiki. It totally blew my mind. Back in 2002 I became a Yoga Teacher after a grueling two year full time yoga teacher training course. Not spending so much time training in the yoga studio allowed me more time to associate with other therapists. I met, and know, some amazing people. Among them are nurses, naturapaths,plus many others too many to mention here, and of course Reiki.

One gentleman, a Reiki Master, in particular has become a lifelong friend. We were sharing a quiet drink and chilling out together. Around 2002 I began to have what some call MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES and we were discussing this together. During our conversation my Reiki friend blurted out, "When you get home tonight, I will send you some Reiki!"

Well my jaw dropped and, quite frankly I didn't know what he was talking about, since up until then I had not even experienced a hands on Reiki session.

"Yeah right!"I said, I continued,"I live five kilometers away and I suppose you are going to use your telepathic powers and send your energy at me," I said, laughing my head off.

"Don't worry,"he replied,"Just be sitting down, aware, you can even be sitting in front of your television set."

At that point in my personal development I had experience with meditation, concentrating on objects to quiet the mind, and breathing techniques, but this guy was off the planet! At the time he said it I have to confess I did not believe one word of it. What happened next, dear reader, is more exciting than the latest Hollywood movie blockbuster.

Sitting upright at home on my sofa, at the stated time, I was surrounded by a ball of energy. See it I could not but feel it I certainly did. It was as if a ball of energy had surrounded my body. The energy itself had a tingling sensation to it and not uncomfortable.

I didn't know what to think. I remembered our conversation, then fear began to creep into me, but the energy relentlessly continued. Five minutes into it I decided to try and relax by taking my mind off it and putting my concentration onto the movie showing on the television set. Its duration continued for 30 minutes.

My mind could not stop thinking NO ONE IS IN THIS ROOM WITH ME, WHERE THE HECK IS THIS ENERGY COMING FROM? Dear reader for the life of me, at that time, I could not work out how he could send Reiki five kilometers away, over such a long distance, and have it reach me. Over the years since then I discovered my answer in quantum physics and related disciplines. It has something to do with how energy is created but this part of the story is for another blog post! During this experience, apart form having my mind blown away, I thought of a famous quote by that famous man of letters of the English language,
Shakespeare himself, it is a line taken from the play Hamlet, which is "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Reiki Symbols

Reiki was said to be known by every person in the times of Atlantis but over the centuries the sacred knowledge was forgotten. Reiki is a form of life force. There are Reiki symbols you use to concentrate this life force so you can get results faster. You learn what these symbols are once you study under a Reiki Master.

Personally I find the Reiki symbols very empowering. They are becoming more well known these days. You know someone sent me the Reiki symbols as a gift on Facebook!

I use Reiki on myself to release energy blockages and clear the chakra system. The beauty of Reiki is it energizes not just my physical body but also my emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This makes Reiki very powerful. It is even mentioned in the Kabbalah and other sacred texts.

The Reiki symbols are revealed to you after you get a Reiki attunement. Then Reiki can be used for yourself and others.In addition to my Reiki classes and working with people I have got a lot from Diane Stein's books. I enjoy her Reiki work and she has a very modern approach. Some people even call it Diane Stein Reiki.

She is very strong in the Goddess energy, and since I am already masculine enough, with plenty of available yang energy, it is the Goddess energy I now have to work with to achieve a holistic balance.

One More Reiki Tale

So the Reiki Master I am with has very unusual abilities. He said to me he developed a new way to repair holes in the human aura. The human aura is pure energy that you emit and it circles your entire body. It is invisible for most people yet it is still there even though it remains unseen. Have you ever heard someone say, I don't know what it is about him but he gives off a bad vibe.? That is his aura you are picking up on.

The aura contains information about yourself and is unique to you like your fingerprint. What you are like and who you really are is shown by your aura. Your actions and thoughts shape your aura. Some people can feel it. This sensing of energy allows you to read what a person is like. It is a powerful technique and if you practice it you can get really good at it. Here the Reiki Master is telling me he is about to start his aura cleansing process. A pair of dowsing rods in his hands I get to stretch out my arms shoulder level. He gently begins to trace the contours of my body. He is at my elbow and his dowsing rods mysteriously move 30cm apart.

"Aha" states the Reik Master, I just discovered an energy leak. Lets fix this up. He proceeds to find hole after hole in my aura. More leaks than the Titanic!" he says. After he finished I did feel fantastic. The Reiki Master said the reason I felt so fantastic was because I stopped my energy field from leaking. Everything around us is energy. People, money, the earth its all energy vibrating at different levels. The better we understand energy the more we can enhance our lives in the direction we want.

When you are in someone's presence there is always an energetic exchange even if you are unaware of it. Next time notice how this feels. Is it uplifting or does it drain you? Everyone has a different energy field around them and it affects you differently. Well that is enough Reiki, reiki attunemnets, and Reiki Masters until next time!

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