Beginning Organic Gardening

By Darline Griffin

oganic gardeningOrganic gardening can be very satisfying. Or it can be a nightmare and make a person feel like a total failure with the blackest of black thumbs.

There is nothing worse then working hard to grow a row of vegetables or a container garden then to watch it fail miserably because of pests or disease.

But even the seasoned gardener has problems some years. The weather plays a major factor. Too much sun and your scampering around with the hose or a watering can trying to get those droopy plants to stand back up.

Too much rain and your battling the likes of sooty mold, fungus or mildew along with the pests that will flock to your garden.

Once your plants are stressed every tiny pest in the neighborhood has heard the dinner bell ring and they are chowing down on your plants and leaving you scratching your head wondering what went wrong.

Gardening in it's self can be difficult if you are just starting out. I've been gardening off and on for 40+ years. Then my health forced me to garden continually for the past 4 years or I would have died.


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My garden has ranged from house plants to a small garden to outside containers and topsy turvey planters to a big garden to a community garden. As you can see my garden seems to grow every year and my health gets better every year.

Gardening is something I never liked to do in the past. Now that I HAVE to do it for my health and have been doing it for years I can not imagine not having a garden. It's in my blood. If I donít have something growing, even if they are just house plants something is missing from my life. I also cringe at the thought of having to buy my food from a grocery store. It is so unhealthy for us and the prices are so high I would starve.

I started organic gardening and have seen many trials with all the insects eating away at the plants and weather changing so severly. I still refused to add chemicals to keep the bugs off so I turned to the internet to learn how to make organic pesticides. I also learned that some bugs are good for our gardens as well as companion planting which will help your plants produce better.

To learn what bugs are good for your garden check out this information:
To learn what plants will grow well together and help each other check out this information:

There are many things one needs to learn when they attempt to garden. Take it slow and learn as you go.

Know your zone:

Plant during the correct planting season
Plant healthy seedlings or plants
Properly space plants
Fertilize correctly
Water correctly
Closely check your plants daily. Look at the bottom of leaves for insects
Properly ID pests
Treat at first sign of pest or disease
Properly dispose of infested or disease plant material
Talk to your plants everyday, every time you walk by them
Start planning your garden today and start living better. Come visit SaleGreenHouse for your plants favorite home.

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