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Making sense of Ancient Alien Theories and Divine Intervention

In refference to:
History Channel's
"Ancient Aliens" Series
Featuring: archaeologist, authors, engineers,physicists and professionals like, Erich Von Daniken, David Wilcock, and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

"Ancient Aliens" series description: The major suggestion of many credible researchers is to get viewers to see how the idea of aliens in our ancient historical past being major influences of how we think and what our focused beliefs are today. The idea reaches as far as indicating that many religious beliefs we have are derived from mistaking ancient aliens as gods, angels,and other divine beings.

While some alien interactions could be construed as deceptive, other interactions depicting aliens as gods may have been simply human misunderstandings. It appears as if some ancient aliens treated humans like slaves where as others help raise awareness of technology and spiritual truths. According to studies there are different aliens with different agendas that have come to us at different points in time. Humans have seemed consistent in looking up to aliens as superior beings. At present we should ask ourselves what is more superior, the technology, or the teaching of truths?

It makes sense to consider any non earthly beings as belonging to the "alien" category. This would include divine beings as well as the most hostile alien visitor. The Ancient Alien series seem to be trying to keep our focus reexamining all that we thought we knew. I personally can take the suggested theories of the History Channel series very seriously due to the depths of the findings and studies that globalize evidence of alien interactions.

What becomes the prominent pondering notion in my mind is, if Jesus is the product of aliens cross breeding with a human, he too would have to be misdirected as to his origin or a liar. The oxymoron involved around the "truth being a misunderstanding or out right lie is unsettling. However, my focus is to understand how this notion could fit or be in any way possible.

Jesus is sent to us because a condition were we would surely die was in effect. Jesus was sent to help us find the truth that would allow us to live. Could Jesus have been an alien that was here to teach us to only worship the God of all things. In this way we can still see Jesus as divine intervention for the sake of mankind's ability to thrive. The misunderstanding on human's part in the long run still leads to awareness of truth.

In considering the Ancient Alien theories as being true, the question I ask is can we still see and understand how such a notion can be befitting of Jesus's existence and teachings. We don't have to view the notion of Jesus as an alien as a lie, but only as subjected to human's limited understanding.

The next question that comes to mind is, is the divine intervention that keeps us focused on inner power and reaching for truth part of the thriving that occurs with sacred geometry and the flower of life? Above all ancient alien reasoning the ultimate understanding seems to be centered around principles of life like truth and love that lead to Omniscience. Like the flower of life and sacred geometry understanding and awareness is expansive.

In conclusion I am feeling the possibilities of aliens visitors is more real than not. Especially if we think of God of creating all things and therefore beings from other solar systems as well. It also makes sense why divine alien intervention are teachers of awareness in the God of all things and warnings to not have other gods before thee.

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