Creative Attractions

by Lillie Oliver

From many perspectives, creativity is something that happens when ideas are made into tangible form. For the most part when we look at inspiring and motivating outcomes of what we produce through our efforts, the process is easily identified as creative. However we should not always equate positive outcomes to the qualification of all creations. We should recognize creation exist for things like the atomic bomb, genocide weapons, guns and things of a destructive nature too.

This puts creativity on a derived polarity scale of both high and low levels of energy. A determinant of whether a low or high energy is applied in the creative process of an idea rest in the intention behind the motivation.

Positive intentions of thoughts and feelings would be based on feelings like universal love, hope, healing, , abundance and other reactions of mind for improving human conditions. Negative intentions of thoughts and feelings would be more based on emotions like anger, fear, hatred, and other negative reactions in the human psyche in holding onto conditions to avoid loss. Intention differences are vast and far between as is the differences between weapons of mass destruction and global efforts to heal the world.

As it is blatantly obvious that we don't live in a perfect world, it is only fair to recognize the negative low energy of fears which led to intentions to create destructive weapons has been understandably beneficial for protection and defense purposes. However it is fair to also recognize most people want a better world or at least one that evolves progressively towards the higher frequency levels of creative existences.

We can logically conclude, a new and improved evolved world will not come about without the intention and actions to bring it about. Persons who examine higher consciousness and new ways to think of our human experience as co-creating with God could be thought of as the pioneers of a better world to come.

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With this in mind let's remember one of the wonderful things that science has done for mankind in It's dedication to truth. The need for proof as part of the progress in new discoveries and possibilities has, in my eyes, been equivalent to the seeking of truth in the same manners as is done on spiritual levels where the promise is that to seek it is to find it.

Science has opened the perspective where creativity, unlike serendipity, can be experienced as a way of life in which a more precise and intentional application can empower one's ability to reach desired outcomes.Science also has long since proven the law of attraction as valid. This law simply indicates a fact of how energy is attracted to like energy. The science of quantum physic adds the element of omnipresent particles and their relationship to omnipresent energy. In learning the potency of how everything is made up of both energy and particles, it is no surprise that people have become excited in exploring the ideas of how thought energy along with emotional energy can play important roles in the creative process. What sounds like a rather complicated perspective of things can be fundamentally seen as simple. Positive energy attracts positive possibilities and brings them into focus to be or not to be utilized, and negative energy attracts negative possibilities and brings them into focus to be or not to be acted upon.

When contemplating practicing, or observing persons putting the law of attraction into action with thought and emotional energy, it may serve us well to think of these relationships as part of a natural growing process. As we can realize creative energy flows with mental awareness existing for both hopeful dwellers and fearful ones, we can better understand conditions of past limitations and better respect explorations towards freedoms of possible future existences.

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