Seven things laughter is good for

by Lillie Oliver

We should ask ourselves how often we find ourselves laughing. As laughter has a lot of might to it as a healing agent for physical and personal well being. It also is easy-to-swallow medicine when it is intentionally applied as a heal method. At leat this is true for those who don't mind looking a little tipped on occassion. :-)


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Asking ourselves how often we laugh is a great place to start the process of focusing on laughter as medicine. When we know the benifits of laughter it only makes sense to apply a routine in generating it as a fun way to live healthier. You don't have to go to extreem and join a laugh club and join the ocassional looking tipped bravehearts. Although we must admit many people seem to be very happy doing so. You can simply invite more comedy and less drama into your life. You could make a conscious effort to watch a new comedy show, or something funny to you, on regular basis. Simply find people, places or things that make you laugh, and laugh freely, intentionally, and on purpose.

Knowing what laughter is good for allows you to focus on perticulars. When you've made up your mind to be intentful to laugh more, you will be reminded to heal and when you're feeling ill you will be reminded to laugh more. That is a win win situation that even if you don't believe in the healing powers of laughter, you can appreciate the pleasure of just having had laughed more. If there is one thing noone has denied, it is that laughing feels good. We all love a good laugh. Sometimes we love it so much, we allow ourselves to be influenced or find ourselve favoring what ever, or whom ever is inducing the laugh. I hope you got that, because laughter is a powerful tool. Unfortunately we don't think about how to apply more laughter in our lives enough. We should!

7 Physical Benifits of Happy Laugher
1. Lowering stress level
2. Coping with pain
3. Brain health for memorey and focus
4. Heart health in increasing bood flow
5. Muscle flexion
6. Supports the immune system
7. A contagious endorphine inducer

Science is wonderful in new discovries for us to keep up with. Laughteris a fun one!

*laughter as medicine
Energy Healing For Everyone
Gesundheit! by Patch Adams M.D.
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