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Attitudes,like yawning can be very contagious. To keep your thoughts focused on positive outcomes, surround yourself with positive thinking people.

Your thinking leads to how you feel. Affirmations are great to use for changing your thinking habits. EFT is a method of healing that first start with your thinking and works to the healing of emotional issues.

Eliminate negative thoughts by finding positive ones to take their place. This usually takes time and brain training. Every day applications as often as possible will inevitably lead to positve results in personal well-being.


Changing your thinking, feeling and actions will change your life. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is an effective way to look at undesired habitual behaviors and apply techniques to shift the patterns and generate positive and lasting changes.

Setting realistic goals is important for good mental health. This doesn't mean to fear reaching for the sky. Keeping things in perspective as to the how's of abilities to execute desired goals will ease your mind in believing you will achieve.


Trying something new like cooking a meal you have never cooked before or reading a new kind of book, will stimulate your intellect. You may discover things you never knew you enjoyed.

Music is soothing to the ears and mind. Listening to music for at least a few minutes a day is a pleasant way to soothe the senses.

Join a book club or like minded meet-up groups. Sharing thoughts and ideas with others is a great way to express yourself and expand your intellect through sharing perspectives with others.

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Plenty of water is often a must in shedding weight. However if a drink with a little more taste ranks high on the priority list, drink teas and/or real fruit juices. You may be surprise how easy it is to develop this habit. It helps to remember those colorful sugar filled liquids and acid induced carbon sodas are not only good for nothing, but add to the body's stress and deterioration.

Small changes in you diet can go a long way. Many dieters look for quick results, however the best of the best ways to lose weight is to change your life style eating habits. Even if you are head strong in losing weight quickly, you can still keep adding new healthy eating habits above and beyond immediate desires.

There's no food like whole foods to keep the body healthy and strong.


Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil can help prevent heart disease, it does not raise cholesterol levels. It can be useful in healing intestinal problems, acne and killing bacteria, viruses, funguses, and other disease causing germs. Virgin cocnut oil is good for the skin, good for the hair and is being studied as for use in fighting HIV.

The most important decisions we make that effect our health is in choosing what kind of foods to eat. As the great philosopher, Socrates spoke, food is our medicine. The physical body needs substance to sustain it. The quality of foods and drink we put into our bodies play a significant role in determining our health.

Local organic whole foods are the most recommended sources of vitamins and minerals. The more recently picked fruits and vegitables are the better the nutrient values. Absorbed pesticides deplete nutritional values and my not fully be washable. Therefore organic is the way to go.

Melons contain what is called 'Living Waters', this element aids the kidney in filtering material and toxins during the metabolic process.


Many feel house work is not real exercise. New studies show applying more elbow grease and positive attitude can turn your house cleaning into a fat calorie burning method for weight control.

Exercise is a progressive application. When getting started, over working your body is your worse enemy. Take it slow and allow yourself some time to build up the stamina for your desired exercise routine.

Eating before or right after an exercise workout can increase energy and help replinish the nutrtients used. However be selective of the nutritional values to induce the desired outcome and always take into consideration your timing. It is best to allow your body to digest any thing eaten or drunk before a work out.

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Quieting the mind in meditation is where most find the difficulty in the practice. Focusing on deep slow breathing is the key to getting your brain to stop pondering thoughts and simply focus on breath for a deeper relaxation of the mind.

Meditation is considered by many a form of prayer. In getting to the point where awareness is no longer focused on worldly matters but on one's connecting to onpmnipresence, vibrational tones and the use of mantras can be extreemly useful.

When meditating, creating a pleasant atmosphere for meditation is very useful, but not neseccary. The objective is to tune out the world around you. However if you are in the position to enhance your atmosphere for the occasion, aroma therapy, candles, soft music, and dim lights are excellent.


For those who feel Seasonal Affective Disorder better known as SAD You should lighten up a bit. As a little light therapy can help chase away the blues.

When feeling down, a little change of scenery can make a big difference. Getting out of the house to take a walk or visit a friend helps to look at things differently. All it takes is a little change to start shifting your perspective.

Laughter not only is a tummy tickler, but it is man's funniest health enhancer. The power of laughter can heal the soul. So be uplifted with a good hearty LOL throughout your days.

Maintaining Spiritual Health

Supported gathering in places of worship are extremely beneficial for the soul. A giving and taking of time to show and support reverence to the higher power enforces beliefs and has a comforting effect in being a part of a spiritual community. Dedications can become very bonding and joyful especially for persons seeking truths and understanding of how to live wholesome lives.

Constant reminders and influences of ones spiritual connections to the omnipresent becomes the feeding of ones spirituality.

Seekers of truth should follow the knowing that life is a continual growing process. Even as one discovers a truth, there will always be more to learn.

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