Trigger Thumb Healing

- By Lillie oliver

A triggered thumb or finger is a condition cause by inflammation of tendons, which causes the thumb or finger to snap and lock at the joint. There is discomfort in the inflamed area, pain occurs when thumb clicks, and a lot of pain comes when you snap out of the lock. You may feel a lump at the base of the thumb or finger where the inflammation occurred.

A triggered thumb is a lot like a sprained wrist or ankle as it is caused by over straining, twisting, or a harsh jolt. Often the cause of a triggered thumb or finger can be job related if your work requires consecutive hours of repetitious motion putting strain on the affected area. The healing process can take up to six weeks or even months to correct itself. The timing depends on the severity of the damage and the ability to rest the effected area.

Natural remedies address the inflammation and stabilization of the thumb or finger. In my personal experience with a triggered thumb, I have found the thumb brace to work very well in keeping the thumb still while staying active.

I had also found that wearing the brace while sleeping help limit the possibility of doing more damage in my sleep.

To address inflammation
Foods: salmon, avocados, bananas, kale, tomatoes, almonds, peppers, ginger, raspberries, cherries
Teas: Cranberry Rose Hip, ginger
Spices: Black pepper, basil, celery seeds, Cinnamon, tumeric
Roots and Barks: White Willow Bark, ginger, -Jerusalem Artichoke
Supplement: vitamin b6,Dr. Danielle's Organic Turmeric Curcumin, Inflasil
Foods To Avoid: refined sugar, gms, gluten, trans fat, saturated fat, sunflower seeds, white bread, alcohol

The information shared in this article is not professional medical advise. It is a simply sharing of my experience with a trigger thumb condition. It is always best to seek diagnosis and treatment advice from medical professionals. Alternative healing methods to traditional medicine are available.

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