Standing Rock's Water Protectors

The "Water Protectors " at Standing Rock have been getting a lot of attention however there are still issues a little bit hard to fully understand. First of all, why are these people being treated like trespassers on their own land? Is the legal system violating constitutional rights? Who gave DAPL permission to drill in the first place? Why hasn't the President stood up to immediately stop and further assured drilling has halted. I have not found all the answer, however it seems as though the land in question falls under a Treaty agreement that was preached and unresolved due to an attempted pay off for the preach that the Sioux Tribe to this day has not taken. In my opinion, this is the start of the rights violation claims by the Water Protectors. The rest of the stories surrounding the quest to stop actions that put a major water supply to more than 18 million people at risk unfold from the videos and links below.

Camille Seaman

Photographer Camille Seaman has been at Standing Rock for the past month, documenting the protests. She shares the inside story with investigative journalist Will Potter as well as never-before-seen photos and videos. Share your questions in the comments! #NoDAPL

Posted by TED on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sites mentioned by Camille Seaman in this interview with Will Potter:
Indigenous Enviromental Network
Sacred Stone Camp
Myron Dewey
Dallas Goldtooth

Protectors begin their quest from the start of a few female youths getting wind of and word out about the DAPL pipeline plan to run pipes for explosive oil under the Missouri River. Ladonna is one of the elders that took steps that escalated awareness to social media heights. Many other tribes and environmental activist have joined in the quest to protect this water supply were as 18 million people are effected by this river. At present there are water protectors coming in from all directions standing up with the Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock in peaceful protest to stop actions risking the vital natural resouce that is water.

Chase Iron Eyes On What Obama Is Missing
TYT Politics
Reports inside looks at what is going on at Standing Rock from the inside and from a legal standpoint.


Democracy Now

(News Coverage of DAPL)

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More Than One Side To Every Story
It is important to hear different sides to a story in order to most accurately form an opinion. The following are opposing views to the water protectors line of reasoning and actions. Be of open mind and determine for yourself, according to the truths you can find, what is right.

Law Enfocement's Viewpoint From New York Time:
Neighbors Say North Dakota Pipeline Protests Disrupt Lives and Livelihoods

DAPL corporation's viewpoint From The Daily Crawler:
The Protests Over The Dakota Access Pipeline Explained

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